Roomie version 3.0 is live in the App Store!


Just saw the new version is live in the App Store. anyone tried it yet?

Great so far. Found a small UI glitch. In room view, the edit and active remote toggles are too close together. Loving Apple TV control especially the keyboard integration. Goodbye link to Although wish there was a “smart” way to swap IR controlled ATVs out to IP control instead of essentially starting from scratch (the prompt is great). Also, IP controlled ATVs don’t seem to have the Apple remote picture as an option anymore. Can’t wait for iPhone 6/6 Plus optimization too.

Update Roomie on IPad 2. Crashes immediately. Tried reinstalling, rebooting etc. Nothing!
Affraid to install on IPad mini and IPhones :-s

There is one known issue so far. That is on systems set to an iOS language that is not one we localize into. So anything set to English, German, Spanish, or French is fine. There is then a list of about 12 languages that will crash at launch, and everything else is also fine. The known languages with issues are Danish and Greek. We don’t need a complete list. This will obviously be fixed in a quick maintenance release. We believe this issue is also iOS 8 only. Switching the language to English, German, Spanish, or French resolves the issue completely.

The spacing with long room names for the buttons has indeed been enlarged in 3.0.1.

Note that with Apple TV, we now present commands that simply do not exist on the metallic image remote, so we felt it was better not to present that as an option as quite useful commands like the Home button would not be available there.

iPhone 6/6 Plus screen resolution support has of course been finished quite a while during the wait for Apple to approve 3.0.0. It looks really great. Some of the screenshots on the features page are taken from the iPhone 6 Plus rotated into landscape with a special layout we created for that:

Thank you.

The language issue is resolved now. 3.0.1 is live only 28 hours later thanks to the App Store folks.

This also allowed us to accelerate a few other items including full support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus resolution, full width Activity size to fit, and a few other fixes/improvements.

Thank you.

Known issues scheduled for fix in a future 3.0.2 maintenance release. We’ll update this list if any further issues are discovered.

  • Purchases prior to 3.0 without the Roomie Service in some cases cannot see the 4 hour guide window or Roku channels.
  • DirecTV media feedback does not show the DVR button in some cases.

Thank you.

Version 3.0.2 is now live in the App Store with the previously announced fixes. The wait time for that was 11 calendar days, it is taking quite a while for Apple to approve apps lately no doubt due to the iOS 8 surge.

The following is the current change log for the next release, 3.0.3:

  • Optimizations to panning/swiping between Activities/Virtual Remote/Guide so that it is now perfectly smooth.
  • Fixed incorrect command for Apple TV IP assigned to STOP button by default.
  • Fixed over-aggressive discovery of LG products.
  • Power Off button now has a reddish hue.
  • Improvements to sizing of panels on different screen sizes in particular iPhone 6/Plus.
  • Several fixes to Proximity Automation. Many Proximity features such as Room Detection and Proximity Actions should now work much better when the app is in the background.
  • Nest thermostat celsius-specific visual improvements.
  • Fixed Room navigation bar to show custom room images properly.
  • Fixed appearance of list buttons on the Virtual Remote on iPhone 6/Plus.
  • Fix for timing issue with multiple commands after a Delay All Devices command.
  • Plex Media Server is now independently auto-discovered to enable using it on a separate box from Plex Home Theater for the Plex Media Guide.
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior in Airplay button.
  • Fixed crash if Override Volume was active and volume buttons had been moved to a DPad/PlayPad.

Thank you.

Version 3.0.3 with the fixes above is now live.

There are not currently any issues targeted for a maintenance release.

Thank you.