RoomieRemote pairing

Please, add the ability to pair RoomieRemotes and Roomie Agent. Have discovered that Roomie will sync with any RoomieRemote. This means that the newest setup is propagated to each RoomieRemote installation. Regardless if the user wants that or not.

Have RoomieRemote installed and setup for my home on my iPad. I go to a friends home with my iPad. My friend also has an iPad with RoomieRemote setup for their home. My iPad joins my friends WiFi network. Now, whomever has the oldest RoomieRemote setup will have their setup changed to the newest setup. So if my RoomieRemote was edited yesterday and my friends was edited last week. My friend will lose their setup and have my setup installed on their iPad.

The only workaround for this issue is to backup after every edit of RoomieRemote. That way the setup can be restored.

At some point in the past those were the same configuration. If for instance your configuration had synchronized to your friends iPad and then his configuration was created by deleting your rooms and then adding new rooms, it is still the same configuration so it will synchronize.

To create a new configuration, use either the “Reset Configuration” button in Settings or delete the app and fresh install. A configuration created in that way will not synchronize with any other configuration. Given that you’re now using the same home ID for two completely different configurations, you would want to fix that. Basically, they each need a unique Home ID in Roomie.plist. Support could help you ensure that.

Thank you.