Could you please add support for Roon from Roonlabs? Roon is quickly becoming one of the favourite Computer Audio players including hardware support from several audio brands. They already have their own iOS app for controlling Roon but it would be great to be able to control from one remote inside Simplecontrol.




Maybe time to answer this ? It is now technically possible.

From Roon release notes:
The Roon API will allow developers to enable:

Custom volume controls even if the device is not Roon Ready
Custom convenience switching/standby can be used even for devices is not Roon Ready
Display of now-playing data and transport controls
Lightweight hierarchical browsing
Plugin settings from Roon UI
Roon’s API is still in a pretty early state, but 1.3 contains support for these features and is suitable for experimentation.

We have several exciting integrations planned over the next few months using the API as a jumping off point, and look forward to expanding and improving the Roon API with your feedback. Please try it out and let us know!

+1 - has it ever happened?

After switching to Roon for my audio server/players, I sure do miss having audio integration with Roomie. I would love to see it after Roomie V6 gets out the door.

+1 big Roon user all over the house.

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total novice with Roomie but have been using Roon since its release…so another big +1. Please!
I know this thread is a year old…so unless I’ve missed its implimentation…