RS232 code request

I just setup my pioneer sc-25 av reciever in roomie via rs232. When I go to an activity, I noticed that the reciever’s surround mode does not show on the feedback display and it is blank. When I pushed the button next to the display, it showed all the surround modes for my reciever and I realized that the mode that I use, which is the " OPTIMUM SURROUND" is the only one that is missing from the list. Would you do me a favor and add that to the rs232 data base that it will show on my feedback display.

Funny enough, Pioneer doesn’t publish their response code for that in their most recent documents nor in the original SC-25 documents which is why we didn’t interpret it. However, we have an onsite SC-25 test unit and so we were able to reverse engineer it and add it to the next release. Thanks.

I am actualy checking their website right now and I see the code for Optimum Surround in their rs232 data base for sc-25. It is “0152”. Any way thanks for your consideration.

No, that’s the set code. Per our response, we’re talking about the response code which is unpublished. It’s 420 by the way.

Thanks for the information. One more request. I was checking the rs232 codes again and I realized that the cursor functions for the home media gallery for pioneer receivers are not in the data base. I saw the standard ones and the ones for ipod but not the ones for HMG.
Thanks a bunch.

You’re right, missing from the 2009 series. Should only be missing from the 2008 and below models. We’ve fixed that.