RS232 Control Pioneer Elite Pro Series (930HD)

Looked in the compatibility test but unsure. Say’s null modem for pro series. WIll the itach work for up control and do you have a driver?

It will support RS232 control via a serial iTach. According to Pioneers website: “All plasma display models EXCEPT the PRO-1410HD & PDP-6100HD use a Straight or Pass-Through Cable”. I checked the codes versus the 8G & 9G Pioneer Plasmas & they apear to be different. So Roomie will have to add these codes to the device library. All of the RS232, IP & IR codes for all of their devices are available from Pioneer under Support (Custom Install). I made a request yesterday to add a missing code (User Menu) for my PRO-141FD & they responded that will add it in the next library update. I emailed support the PDF file of the RS232 codes from Pioneer with my request. The RS232/IP codes for the Pioneer Plasmas in the Roomie Library appear to be incomplete & incorrect in some cases on certain models. I hope this is something that can be completed & corrected in future library updates.

To clarify, the codes in the library are only intended to work on the models listed:

While we get requests for various other models, those models are not listed as supported. So what happens is users use them anyway and of course they generally work fine and as long as you don’t need some of the more obscure commands, the codes we already have work with a broad array of additional models that we don’t list (such as most likely the model in the title of this message).

The basic distinction is between the 150-style set and the 141-style set which are indeed different and both are in the library.

If you have specific additional codes you think you need as part of these two sets, you may send them to support to get them added (or just add them via the DDK as Pioneer’s TV codes are very simple).

Thank you.

The Pro Series is listed but it shows as Null Modem. My question is, will it work with the itach + null modem cable?

You need a straight through cable & an itach, not a null modem cable. The exception would be the itach flex which can detect which one to use on its own. Read the FAQ for more info.

The Pro series is not listed and the cable identified for Pioneer TV models is not a null modem cable. Where are you looking? Please reference the link in our prior message.

Thank you.

Under Serial Compatibility, TV’s , Elite

Reads Pro Series Null Modem Cable

That is for the Sharp “Elite” LCD’s not the Pioneer plasmas. You need the straight through cable.