Rs232 for Lutro hw4 y Somfy

Hello, I am having the problem, I can’t run my shades and my lights.
I am using GC-100-06 by rs-232 configuration:
Baud rate. : 9600
Data bits. : 8
Stop bits. : 1
Parity and Flow control. : Not
Parity errors and Serial Over. : 0

Lutron Homeworks 4. -lights
Somfy. -URTSI-II. 16 channels.

Well currently work me with the MSC-400 of URC.
I’ve tried all the methods, but not

Thanks you

Link for RoomieCodes.plist.

We don’t support the “Somfy” shades if that is the device you’re having issues with (we’re not entirely clear which device you’re having issues with or what the issue is from your message). We do provide a DDK for unsupported devices:

I had problems with my URTSI-II also but managed to get it to work using the following RoomieCodes: … omfy.plist
My original problem/post was here: configuration-and-setup-archives/rs-232-to-somfy-shades-t8589.html

Good luck.