RS232 to Pioneer SC-25

I have my Pioneer Sc-25 av receiver connected via rs-232 and my tv is connected via infrared connection. I am using the GC-100-12 as my controler. Sometimes when I want to enter an activity, my av receiver does not turn on but my tv turns on properly and I have to go to the receiver’s control and power it on from there. I am thinking may be sometimes the controler or the assigned command is not able to wake the receiver up. My GC-100 is up to date as per global cache support. Any idea why this is happening?

Old Pioneer models like that often/usually require at least two commands to power on. So you should have the POWER ON command listed at least twice with default delays between them.

I tried adding one more POWER ON command to the list with the default delay and also tried the 1000ms delay between them but the problem is still there.

See page 2 of Pioneer’s document for that model which depicts the RS232 wakeup sequence: … -RS232.pdf

It requires multiple commands and precise timing. If your model is not responding after that, you would need to contact Pioneer support as we actually do have an SC-25 here for testing that does work with that sequence.

We are using POWER ON, delay 200ms then POWER ON, delay 200ms. That is using the 2009 Pioneer command set which is the SC-25 year. That works reliably with our test SC-25 many times a day.

Thanks for sending me the file. I assume the POWER ON command’s code would be the PO. But which command in Roomie database is the command that according to the pdf file has to be performed first to wake the CPU up.

It’s all POWER ON. Our prior message contains the exact sequence from that document. You might try sending it 3 times for safety.

If I want to have a different delay for my second command which is sent to the receiver which in my case would be the input command, can I change the delay after the second POWER ON command to a longer delay or if I want to do that, I should add the third POWER ON command and then set my desired delay after that.

Anything you do after the POWER ON sequence should wait 1-2 full seconds. So if your first action is to send an input change, put a Delay Next Command before that of say 1500ms. Modern receivers generally no longer have this issue but almost everything from 2009 works that way.

Sorry for the confusion but what I mean is the this. Should I do it like this:
POWER ON, delay 200ms,POWER ON, delay 1000ms, input. or
POWER ON, delay 200ms,POWER ON, delay 200ms, POWER ON, delay 1000, input.

The first one works for us and is exactly what we do with that model. The second one wont hurt anything other than taking a trivially longer time to execute.

Thanks for the reply. Just so you know I have already tried the first one and it did not work for me. I may try the second one before contacting the Pioneer’s miserable customer service.
Thanks again.