Run from Simple Hub?

I have a few questions re: the new Run from Simple Hub capability.

  1. Does this work with both the OSX and Simple Hub Hardware?
  2. Does it work with Legacy or is this a Home+ feature?
  3. Does it only centralize the execution of the initial activity or does it continue to centralize things like Volume/Pause/Guide, etc? Reason for asking is that being able to have centralized commands to receivers or TVs that do not support multiple connections would resolve that issue since there is only one connection maintained from the Hub vs. one or more clients that may be running.



Yes, it works with all editions of Simple Hub.

This is a feature of the Home and/or System apps.

All commands in the Activity run the Hub. Any Virtual Remote created by the activity will run locally from the initiating device. There isn’t currently a way to re-target ongoing commands from an active Activity to go through the Hub to resolve single connection limited devices. That would be a likely future enhancement.

Thank you.