Run ISY99 programs

I see you can run lights or scenes from roomie, but is there a way to run programs? I can create a rest url to trigger the program but I am looking for a more user friend way to trigger programs.

Im really hoping for the same thing, I put a feature request in when I first got the app. This would a great way to really integrate the room lighting with Roomie.

We’ve added a set of .PROGRAM commands to the next library update. Parameter 1 in the commands needs to be your Program ID which you can lookup by using this URL on your ISY99:


Get the “program id” of the program you want to reference and enter that into Roomie as Parameter 1 for any of the .PROGRAM commands.

These changes are now live: … e-changes/

Great! Will be integrating this today! woot :slight_smile:

Thanks!! I grabbed the update last night and it is working great!