Russound CAV6.6 Control

Has anyone actually got a Russound CAV6.6 working with Roomie? I have 6 zones in my house with access to all the same sources. At this point I am concentrating on getting my first source fully functional across all zones before moving on to the remaining sources. My problem has do to with volume control. For devices I have the Russound Mutlizone System and a Grace Digital Media Player. For Activities I have “Listen to Pandora” as this is all I care to do with the Grace Digital Media Player at this time. When I open up the volume control for this activity it only lists the Grace Digital Media Player. So I was forced to add a volume up and down command to the Grace Digital Remote within the activity. So what happens is when I edit each rooms remote design to volume up and down the corresponding zone it overwrites the zone volume up and down from what was saved for the last room edited. Hope that makes sense. Why am I not seeing a Russound option in the Volume Control selection field for the activity? Why am I not seeing a volume up and down in the test remote for the device Russound Multizone System?

Well I think I found my problem. This is what happens when you edit the code in an editor trying to save time from adding everything in the iPhone. Was trying to save time cutting and pasting. Sure wish there was a quicker way to build a remote.

Just responded to another post of yours. In case you haven’t figured this one out, it it super simple but annoying.

Russound’s command for each zone (source, volume, play, etc.) are discreet and each zone requires it’s own remote control.

Roomie makes it really simply though. Simply rename the activity remote design and Roomie creates a copy, then edit the volume, etc. commands and you are good to go.


Actvity: Directv - Rename Activity Remote Design to Directv Home Theater, then edit the Russound codes.

In another room, Select the Activity Remote Design, pick the Directv Home Theater so that it is loaded, then rename it to the room, let’s say Directv Kitchen and edit the Russound codes to the kitchen.

That’s it. Good luck!