Russound CAV6.6

I am using Roomie to control my Russound CA6.6 and while I see commands to volume up an down, is there a static volume control page that I am missing? There does not seem to be an obvious way to control the sound.

We’re not sure what you mean a “static volume control page”. In that set there are 6 zones each with a set of controls including volume. If you wanted for instance to have a rocker control with just volume for a particular zone, you could easily add those buttons to any Remote Design.

It is not clear to me how to add volume buttons to any Remote Design.

Just open the Activity editor for the Activity in question, then tap ‘Remote Design’ and then in whichever part of the Remote Design you’d like to add a button tap ‘Add Button’ and then select ‘Rocker’ as the style if you would like a volume rocker for instance. You would then customize the top and bottom button of the resulting rocker to send a ‘VOLUME UP’ to the appropriate device/zone or ‘VOLUME DOWN’ respectively.

Yes, that worked. Questions. Is there any instructions or a step by step guide on how the “edit designs” work? Also, what does the Duplicate Design and Change Design buttons do?