Hello, is it possible to add the c series controllers - MCA-C5 specifically.

What about the DMS-3.1


It is certainly possible to add such devices. We provide a DDK to allow addition of new serial, IP, and infrared devices here:

Thank you.

I am also interested in the Russound C series controller. The MCA-C3 in my case. That amp combined with a Sonos connect would be fantastic for me. It seems that the MCA-C3 and MCA-C5 have IP control over what they call their RIO protocol.

There seems to be several Russound C series threads. Could we maybe get these merged?

Attached is the Russound RIO protocol. Could this be integrated with the DDK?

That looks fairly straightforward to integrate using the DDK. If you just need a volume format put into 3.0, please contact support. Control though should be doable at anytime with that document.

Thank you.

Just got my MCA-C5 today and tested the plist file i created. Seems to work very well. I am attaching the file. It will work with the MCA-C3, MCA-C5 and should work with the new controllers Russound is coming out with soon (MCA-66 and MCA-88). Plist file is attached.

I would love to get feedback for volume, mute and power. I am willing to test this out if needed.

Just wanted to bump this thread to say volume feedback is now working for Russound C-Series and that the device has the driver built in now.

I would love to see a few more features added like source feedback and the built in radio feedback.

Question: Is there any benefit to serial control of Russound over IP control? Trying to determine if I need another blaster/serial int before attempting this integration.

No, you should use IP. Save money on blaster and has exact same functionality.