Samsung 2014 TV H series IP control


I’m testing an UE48H6200 new H serie 2014 and the TV didn’t accept the connection over IP. While I’m trying to be connected, the TV should ask me to accept the authentification. It was working on a 2013 serie F model. Do you know if they’re using the same port 55000?

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We have no information on the models that have just come on the market. You may want to try making sure any related sounding options are turned on in the TV’s settings. Also, make sure that Samsung’s app works with it. A more technical step would be scanning ports to see what is open as perhaps the port was changed.

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Based on research with a new top end HU model, the Samsung TV IP control protocol is definitely non-existent. Samsung appears to be going yet another year pushing users to serial or infrared. The EX-Link port is prominently labelled and featured, so apparently serial it is (or infrared).

Most importantly, the new replacement IP control protocol still does not support turning the TV on. So while we do plan at some point to reverse engineer the new protocol, it will still provide only limited value and we would encourage first connecting any Samsung TV via serial or infrared.

The good news is that while not supporting power control, the new Samsung TV IP control protocol finally provides feedback for many items such as volume. So even if you are controlling power for the unit via infrared, we will eventually offer a way to display feedback for various items such as volume and mute via IP.

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Trying to setup a new Samsung H7150. A port scan reveals the following ports: 6001, 8000, 8080, 8443

One interesting thing is that during screen mirroring from another Samsung device, I was unable to see any open ports.

At this point, I’m just looking to get volume control through my Roomie Remote App without IR.

Any advice would be greatly helpful.



If all you need is volume control, you will definitely get that with with feedback in the next release. Actually, that part extends back even to the 2013 models as well. But as we noted, they still don’t support power control so we advise IR or Serial control for any Samsung TV.

We do however also have one other solution coming in the next release that might work for some people…

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So I purchased the iTach Flex IP but didn’t realize that, besides the DB9 Female to 3.5mm Male cable, I also needed to purchase an additional DB9 Male to 3.5mm Male cable in order to go into Samsung’s Ex-Link port (no serial port on TV). That cable should arrive tomorrow and I will be able to confirm results.

Incidentally, I can confirm that simply using a 3.5mm Male to 3.5mm Male cable from the iTach Flex IP to the Samsung Ex-Link port does not work :frowning:


Yes, the iTach 3.5mm is a 4-conductor pin, while the Samsung ExLink is a 3.5mm 3-conductor jack. The signals signals simply don’t line up. More than that, Global Cache has some special-sauce going on with their DB-9 cable. I tried constructing a special cable adapting a 4-conductor 3.5mm cable to a 3-conductor 3.5mm cable and couldn’t get it to work. That suggests the GC DB9 cable has some passive components in it that tell the iTach what type (DB-9 vs. their IR cable) of accessory cable is attached.

The good news is once you have the female DB9-to-3.5mm cable, it’s a simple matter of connecting into the ExLink port. You’ll need to choose “crossover” in the iTach serial set-up page, as the TV requires a null-modem connection.

Just came across some documentation for the web api for the Smart TV’s: … index.html

There seems to be a section in there about turning the screen on and off. Just wondering if this is applicable.

Those are local APIs in the OS on the TV available to apps that run inside the TV. Regardless, it likely even if running on the TV it would not provide power control when the TV is turned off because the CPU is turned off.

A simple test to prove the inability of Samsung TVs to power on via IP is to use nmap while it is turned off:

nmap -v -p1-65535 -sS

Replace the IP with your TV’s IP and you’ll see the port is completely dead on all ports when it is not on. It also does not respond to network layer packets like WoL.

We’re about to deploy a large update to Samsung’s EX-Link Serial codes with 3D, explicit Brightness/Picture/Contrast commands, etc. It is safe to say that serial is the best way to control Samsung TVs if your model supports it. Surprisingly, most models do have it this year, but some of the 9000 (top end) models do not! So make sure to confirm the model supports EX-Link before buying if you are not planning to use infrared control.

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I have HU9000. There is no EX-Link port, but one labeled Service that looks like the same thing. Can anyone confirm or deny that this port would work for serial control?

In past model years Samsung has often labelled the EX-Link port as Service, so there is some reason to believe that may be the case if it is the same 3.5mm Samsung style serial connector.

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In my experience if the 3.5mm port is labeled “Service” instead of “EX-Link” it will not work.

Just to make sure any searches finding this thread get the latest information, we did release support for the 2014/2015 SmartHub models as part of 3.3.0. There is not currently a way to power them on via IP – that’s a hardware limitation. Once on, all standard controls are available including keyboard control when supported by the underlying app and volume feedback.

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