Samsung 2015 TVs IP Control

What is the latest on this year Samsung TVs? Is the network port still powered down with the TV?

Ethernet is indeed dead on the 2015 models when off. We have one, we have explicitly tested this in every which way.

We’re exploring whether we can regain IP control once turned on like we do with the 2010-2013 models. It’s a herculean task, but one we’re attempting. Given we’re still the only ones with Apple TV IP Control, and an Apple TV Media Guide, we feel pretty good about the chance of success, but it will be a while before that kind of effort might come to fruition.

Either way, it wont solve power. EX-Link Serial (Best) or Infrared (Better) or Anynet+ (Good) seem like they will remain Samsung’s solutions at least for this year.

(FWIW We were contacted directly by Samsung, they mentioned our tweet from CES about power control, we’re hopeful they might take it into account in the future.)

Meanwhile, we’re going to keep working on it to see if we can get other IP control style benefits like our recent addition of significant IP control for LG TVs.

Thank you.

I was playing around with iOS App Samsung Smart View 2. There is definitely IP Control Capability. Since it appears that Samsung does not want to play ball with Roomie is there a way Roomie could glean anything from the app (ie sniff port 7676 while using this app)?

I’m not a developer but I could email you a list of ports the Samsung JS9500 uses while it’s running if that helps.


What we can say for now is that we have detailed plans here. There is extremely good reason to be optimistic. It’s safe to say we have numerous test models of their 14/15 models so there is no need to send us anything. Two things:

(1) If you have many devices (9+) and would be interested in beta testing Roomie over the Summer for the big annual Fall release, please email In particular, we would like a good number of Samsung 2014/2015 models added to the beta group. In general for any beta addition, our primary interest is adding people with devices that are not well represented.

(2) If you have a Samsung 2014/2015 model, please experiment with Wi-Fi functionality in particular. There may be a way (outside Roomie) to turn it on via Wi-Fi. We have not spent a lot of time looking into that part, so there is ground yet to cover here. Given Samsung’s descriptions of their 2015 features, there is still reason to believe that the 2015 models at least might be able to be awakened when asleep – but not via normal Wake on LAN, possibly via some other method. If so, we can likely replicate that.

Thank you.

Just to make sure any searches finding this thread get the latest information, we did release support for the 2014/2015 SmartHub models as part of 3.3.0. There is not currently a way to power them on via IP – that’s a hardware limitation. Once on, all standard controls are available including keyboard control when supported by the underlying app and volume feedback.

Thank you.