Samsung 2018 TVs

Has anyone successfully controlled 2018 Samsung N Series TVs (such as the UN55NU7100) with simple control over wifi?



We do not list them as supported and we don’t have a test unit so I would be surprised if this magically worked. I would also be surprised if it’s not quite simple to add support after we have a chance to work with one.

Thanks Will - anything I can do to help - have three hanging above bar.

I took a shot that they would follow 2016-2017 protocols but doesn’t seem to be working.


We should have a test unit pretty soon. Nothing you need to do.

This has been added. It requires a minor update 5.5.2 which we will send to the App Store next week. (When they approve stuff varies widely.)

Awesome. Thanks for the update!


I have UN40NU7100, and I see that it gets auto discovered in simple control but I’m not able to do anything with it once I add it to an activity. I can turn it on via the WOL but that’s about it.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong?


This is in the What’s New information, but a more verbose version here:

The 2018 models initially supported full IP control just like the 2016-2017 models, and it worked very well. Then, in roughly the second week of August, Samsung issued a firmware update that broke it. It remains broken to this day, and note that Samsung’s own SmartView app does not support their own 2018 TVs.

However, in the interim period before presumably someone at Samsung notices this and fixes it or someone outside Samsung finds a workaround, we added a completely different way to control Samsung 2018 models through SmartThings as noted in the What’s New info. The control is currently limited to power on and off, but for many people that’s all they need. It seems to work well, and you have to setup SmartThings in order to setup a 2018 model anyway so it’s no big hurdle. We believe this method can be expanded to additional commands in the future. So one way or the other, either the original method will return or the SmartThings method that works now will be expanded.

Note that, despite IP control for 2016-2017 models working perfectly, I have always recommended going back many years that Samsung EX-Link Serial control should be used for any model that supports it. It requires a Simple Blaster, but it never changes, and is extremely reliable. Do make certain your model actually supports real EX-Link (looks like a headphone jack). Some low-end models have a very strange USB Serial interface instead.

Hello - Is there any update here? I just purchased a new Samsung TV and expected this to work based on the compatibility guide. I can still swap the TV if needed although I like it so if I dont need to I’d rather not.

Thanks - Tristan

Looks like we’ve got this all fixed up, an amazing effort, and working better than ever. Doing some final testing. Shouldn’t be too long.

Bringing this thread up to date, the new support for Samsung 2018 models went live in 5.7.1 yesterday. It is now equivalent to the 16/17 models including the app launch guide, but is a different mechanism so make sure to add it fresh using 5.7.1+. Power On via Wake on LAN, Power Off via Power Toggle as usual. Do not track power state.

Wow - great work! I was concerned about this as I am all in with Samsung TV’s in my installation and they are all 2018 vintage so this was driving me nuts. Amazing how quickly you guys got this nailed - thanks again as it is working beautifully as of the last update!

I have a 2018 Samsung UN58NU710D and Simple Control 5.7.5.

Using wake on lan seems to work if the tv is fully powered down. However, if it’s toggled off, wake on lan does not work to turn it back on. Toggling the power will turn it back on. It’s a bit frustrating that Samsung can’t get this working right in 2018. I’ll probably just use ir emitters to control this tv. This tv lacks the ex link option.

The Samsung smart things app also has problems. If the tv is fully powered down it will say that I need to use the Samsung remote first. It only seems to use the toggle power command.

Looks like some kind of funky model, maybe a Costco special? Google doesn’t show it and it’s not on Samsung’s official model list. My guess based on previous years is that from time to time there are special bare bones feature-stripped models at places like Costco that are not otherwise available, and such models have a history of removing things like proper power control.