Samsung 2020 TV IP control

Hi, I have multiple Samsung TV’s including the new Terrace model and seem to have the same problem with all of them.
I can search for devices and find the TV’s , I can then add them and test get the message on screen to allow control and that works but as soon as I save the device and go back and try to use it nothing works.
Any ideas ? Have IP control turned on.


Most likely your config is not properly synchronized such that your Primary is not receiving relays. Support provides a step by step process to resolve that.

You could also try just turning off Relay in the Advanced panel of that device, but that’s just a quick fix, you need to make sure your primary is properly setup.

Thx Will, I turned off relay and that indeed cured the issue.
I have an iPad Pro hard Wired via an Ethernet adapter and with a Fixed IP, Network access allowed
while running it in Guided access. May I ask where I find the support article on how to get the primary
set up better than this please ?
I have just ordered a new MacMini with M1 Apple chip can run IOS apps natively so will likely make that my new primary as have a lot of devices.