Samsung BD-E8300 & Channel Guide Control

Roomie recognizes my Samsung BD-E8300 and I’m able to control its Blu Ray playback capabilities using Roomie. I also watch TV through this device since it has a built in DVT-C tuner. I defined an action ‘Watch TV’ with Opens Remote ‘Samsung Blu-ray Player [BD]E8300’. The problem is, that the channel guide cannot be associated with my BD-E8300 device (Roomie looses or does not save the guide settings)! It seems, that in the Roomie device library the BD-E8300 is not defined as a device with channel-change capabilities. Is it possible to make the BD-E8300 a device that can change TV channels through the guide?

Thank you!


Version 1.6 will allow saving guide settings without a device capable of channel changes. However, that will not change the channels with that device if you try to tune them. We hadn’t encountered that model as it does not exist in the US and no models in the US allow that. We will add channel up/down commands for that to the next library update to enable that.

Thank you for the fast response!
Does that mean, that it also will be possible to change the channels through the guide?


Yes, that will enable everything you need. We should push that by the end of the week.

Great! Thank you for the good news and your awesome support!