Samsung BDE8500A not working on IR

The Samsung BDE8500A seems to be supported over IP, but cannot be powered on this way.

I cannot find a device type which will toggle the power on IR. The standard Samsung Blu-ray and TV codes don’t work.


Indeed, it’s always possible our Samsung BD IP Control could work with models like that we do not list. In particular what often happens is that manufacturers simply rename/renumber devices for each country which looks like the case here.

We would be very surprised if the Samsung BD All Models command set did not work with that via IR though. Are you sure you’ve tried raising the Retransmit Count and walking through the diagnosis FAQ:

I learned the Power Toggle from the devices remote. It is below.

The IP control on Roomie works OK.


[Power Toggle] sendir,1:3,1,37764,1,1,171,169,20,18,20,18,20,18,20,18,20,55,20,



It is actually worse than I said above. Although most commands on IP seem to work, the POWER OFF does not.

So I am left with the only working power command as the IR POWER TOGGLE which I learned from the provided remote.

This means that there is no way to establish the power state of the device - not good.


I think I have beaten it.

The EJECT code below always turns the device on. So it can always be turned off with an EJECT, a delay and a POWER TOGGLE.


[EJECT] sendir,1:3,1,37764,1,1,171,169,20,18,20,18,20,18,20,18,20,55,