Samsung DVD Player Setup Port #

Trying to setup my Samsung Model BD-C5500 BlueRay player. I have it set with a static IP address but when I input it into the roomie setup it asks for a port number tried 80,8080,8081.8085 roomie will not let me proceed unless I add a port #. Needless to say Roomie shows correct remote control but it does not work.

That sure doesn’t sound like an IP control model. We publish IP control models here:

So that would be controlled via infrared.

Okay I think I finally got my head wrapped around this. I think I need a iTach wifi to infrared to make this work is that correct? Guessing that the rest of the components I have that use a remote control will work this way as well.

Both the iTach IR models and the L5 Remote are compatible infrared controllers.

I have the same question budget my Model is the BD-D5500. This is a smart version of samsung’s blue ray player but is not auto discovered. On the manual option I am unsure what to select for the port

If it isn’t auto-discovered, it probably requires IR. If it works with IP control, it would be port 55000.

Many thanks works with port 55000 although functionality seem limited. For example on off button does not function

Power Control is not IP controllable on any model of Samsung Blu-ray player.