Samsung ES8000 over Ex-Link(Serial)

On some models, you may need to activate serial I/O via the service menu.

Was told by Samsung support that this was unnecessary. Also when I went into the service menus via the 182 method, there was no option under any menu that I could see for RS232…

Other options?

We suspect there is more to this topic that really would best be advised by Samsung support. We have a general FAQ for resolving serial issues here:

The most notable common issues are of course the baud rate and the cable.

must amend my prior statement, I found the RS232 menu option. No luck, but will proceed working through the FAQ. My apologies for not searching better.

As an aside but limited, I noticed there was a Wake on LAN command when using IP control. Are you aware of any nuances with using this feature?

We’re not aware of Wake on LAN working with any Samsung TVs. Please let us know if you find anything to the contrary. We’re always hopeful that perhaps their 2013 models that should be announced in a couple of weeks might finally bring their IP control up to par. The IP compatibility list shows various brands/models of devices that respond to Wake on LAN from Roomie.

Oh well… The baud was the correct issue. Sadly my direct question of Samsung Support yielded a “no special baud settings” response. At least the RS232 port enablement was not required as was instructed by them.


Thank you for the help.