Samsung EX-Link

Has anyone tried controlling Samsung TVs via the ex-link port?

I have an 2-3 year old LCD (LN52A750) which powers off its ethernet port. I’m able to control it via Roomie’s IR support, but I can’t find a suitable place to mount the transmitter. It doesn’t seem to work even attached to the front of the TV (which I’d rather avoid), but only if I hold it 6" to 1’ in front of the TV.

I experimented with the EX-Link port tonight and it looks promising. I built a quick serial-to-headphone jack cable, and it was able to control it via the PC. A post on the RemoteCentral forums sent me to this PDF, which lists the 7-byte control codes: … 50A650.PDF

The Power On, Power Off, and HDMI input commands all seem to work fine via serial… Has anyone else gotten this working with Roomie? I’m tempted to get an IP2SL to keep digging further, but was wondering if anyone else has tried it? I’m surprised Samsung isn’t on the serial compatibility list.

Just be aware that EX-Link for Power On when the unit is off may not work with models before around 2009 or 2010. See this thread: … gi?19083,3

We have an appropriate pre-made cable for that listed here: … F8&node=13

We’ve put the command set into this week’s library update.

IR or Anynet+ therefore remains a safer bet if you’re not sure your model supports power via EX-Link. However, of course, if your model is one of the generally more recent models that do, and you get the right cable, it’s a great way to control a Samsung set without adding an emitter to the front or cracking open the case and inserting an emitter directly against the eye.

Thanks! I got it working today with the IP2SL.

One problem I did have… I wasted over an hour figuring out that either Roomie either doesn’t configure the baud rate or configures the wrong one. Once I logged in to the IP2SL’s web interface and changed it to 9600, it’s working great. It would be nice to fix this or document it somewhere.

You’re right, we should either put the baud rate in the compatibility sheet and emphasize setting it or force the IP2SL to the baud rate via software.