Samsung Frame

I have a 2022 Samsung Frame, model QN55LS03BAFXZA. I seem to be having issues with basic control. When powered up from being completely off it seems to work correctly but I believe that is due to the fact that I have it set to go to last input used. When powering down it turns off into picture frame mode. That is not that big of a deal but is there anyway to get it to power completely down? The big issue is when trying to start an activity once in picture frame mode it does not do anything and stays in picture frame mode. Using the test menu it does not appear to respond to direct input commands. I am not sure if that is part of the problem or not. Any feedback is appreciated.

Frame TVs do their best to go into Art Mode when you turn them off. So turning them actually off is not as easy as it sounds. One way to do that is to put a short timeout on Art Mode sensitivity on the TV.

Since we have a lot of Frame TVs for Now Showing, it became clear that the best way to control them is using Samsung EX-Link Serial. Over that link, you can fully shut down the TV without going through an Art Mode phase.

Make sure to get the EX-Link 3.5mm cable for your iTach Flex to connect properly:

Note that the 32" Frame model requires both IP and Serial for best control. Wake on LAN must be used with that model to wake it at which point both interfaces work. Sizes above that can be controlled purely via EX-Link.