Samsung IP delay?

On my 2012 ES8000 Samsung there seems to be a delay before IP commands are accepted after the set is initially powered on. I’m powering it up via IR of course, but unless I insert a significant delay after powerup (20-30 secs), any IP command fails.
Has anyone seen this?
I created a simple activity with just Samsung IP cmds, to ensure it’s not conflicting with another cmd.


Sounds quite normal. In the same way that Samsung does not support power via IP, their IP implementation is not “running” until the TV has booted. It’s conceptually the same as a desktop computer being restarted and not accepting mouse input until it finishes booting.

Thank you.

Hmmmm…I wonder if the failures on 2011 and 2010 samsung IP mode is really do to not waiting those 20-30 seconds before IP does indeed work.

I’ll check it out tonight, since I went to IR command of my 2010 Samsung LED 44"

You mention the ES8000 is able to be turned on via CEC, what type of adapter would you need for this?

CEC is a part of HDMI. So you would need an HDMI component that was otherwise able to be told to activate your TV. CEC often does not work and even when it does is usually so poor and generic that it’s unusable.

As an example, an Onkyo 616 receiver would likely work to turn on the Samsung TV. That’s when it gets murky. The Onkyo doesn’t know anything about the TV so it usually wont be able to go much beyond turning it on. It wouldn’t know anything about specific inputs, etc. So CEC control is at best a way to power a component, but even that is sometimes not a safe bet. Only Onkyo/Integra seems to provide reasonably good power control over CEC. Basically, if CEC works for you, you got lucky.

Thank you.