Samsung IP power on?

I believe in reading the notes on the Samsung Smart TVs that they do not support power on via IP (the unit does power off fine). Can you confirm if this is true? Do you have any creative suggestions about how to power on the device (other than walking up to it and pushing the button – which is what I currently do)?

The most creative suggestion is to use an IP2IR/WF2IR adapter. That is the guaranteed method.

The next method is HDMI CEC which is known as Anynet+ in Samsung’s branded world. This is much more tricky than it may sound at first, so we think success is unlikely for anyone trying that method. The basic idea is that you get some device that is purely IP controlled which then sends the HDMI CEC on signal to the TV.

The next method depending on your model is Samsung EX-Link Serial. That method is sure to work, but can be both time consuming and more expensive.

OK - maybe they will support IP power-on (LAN wake up) someday. They seem to have a lot of software updates. For now I’ll just push the button (the only thing I do with the TV is turn it on or off - at least off works).

Can I use both the ethernet/IP connection on a Samsung smart TV (specifically the model 550) and the IR controller without creating a conflict? Or must I use one or the other exclusively on the Samsung?

You can absolutely use both and we consider that a best practice. That way you get the benefits of both including keyboard control from IP and power from IR.

I don’t think the Samsung TVs that don’t have IP support for off/on ever will because the LAN is off when in standby. If you would like to use the serial port to control ON/OFF, the serial port commands are 001 for OFF and 002 for ON. I think this may be the approach I use for my Samsung Smart TV.
Roomie - Do you already support this or do I need to create this coding?

Roomie - I like the idea of using the HDMI CEC but Samsung indicates that CEC is an industry standard for communication but implies they use the communication for Anynet+ which is specific to Samsung equipment. Can you shed any light on this? For instance I plan to purchase a Marantz receiver with IP communication connected to my Samsung TV with hdmi but have my doubts about if it will turn the Samsung TV On/Off.

Always assume HDMI CEC will not work and you will be right the vast majority of the time, especially when crossing manufacturers like that.

We do have Samsung’s EX-Link serial codes already in the library.

Great! So all I need is your iTach Ethernet to Serial Adapter and I am all set. Thanks! Do you have support for any adapter that has more than one serial port or do I need one iTach for each device that needs serial control?

We do support the GC-100 series which has two serial ports.

However, for various reasons such as the ability to update firmware as well as the multiple connection support, we highly recommend using multiple iTach units instead of the combined models.

Has anyone tried using Kwikwai or any other HDMI-CEC bridge with roomie?

Maybe a solution to the Samsung power on issue?

To play devil’s advocate a bit on that: So, for $1,000 US a company has a CEC decoder/injector over IP. Or, for $50 US a company has a CEC injector that only talks USB. Not clear how either of those would be useful in reality. The first is clearly for some kind of corporate developer purpose if you’re making HDMI equipment as it is well outside any normal price range. The second is a good price, but you need a computer with USB to drive it which isn’t realistic for 95%+ of home theater scenarios.

When someone produces a $49 US adapter from pure IP to CEC, then there could be limited applications where that would be useful. The problem then will be that CEC still doesn’t work very well most of the time, but right now the more basic problem is there’s just no way to inject CEC commands via IP. The only reasonably reliable CEC IP option we can advise today are the 2012 Onkyo receiver models. Given that CEC has had many years to develop, the compatibility is pitiful. It would be fun to add CEC support to Roomie, but right now there’s just no good option we’re aware of on the hardware front (other than routing commands to an Onkyo Receiver via RIHD).

Could you use an iTach with the pulse8? Yes, I know it is kludgy, but there has to be a solution at some point.

I get your frustration, but I am pretty certain that the large manufacturers really don’t want this type of solution to succeed for the mainstream, so they will keep making it just a little annoying until they start losing share because one of them jumps in.


I have a Samsung TV PN51D7000 and Samsung Blu-ray / Receiver HT-D6500W connected by IP and also HDMI-CEC. I also have an IP2IR in the network to control other components. If I use an IR channel from the IP2IR (in addition to the IP control) to turn on the HT-D6500W, - is it then possible that Roomie can be used to power on the TV via HDMI CEC because it is also a Samsung device?

Do you have any recommendations for cables that properly support the CEC function? I have found that some brands do not.

My installation makes it difficult to control the TV directly with an IR channel which is why the above is of interest.

Unless someone on the forum has your exact models named there, they will not be able to tell you the answer to that. HDMI CEC is a dark art at best and results are always unpredictable. It sounds like it should work from your description, but HDMI CEC often doesn’t.