Samsung QN55 - Input Selection

I’m new to Roomie Remote and love it. In the past, I’ve used a Pronto and iRule to control my Home Theater system. I recently purchased a Samsung QN55 Smart TV and am having difficulties getting it to switch to specific inputs.

I’m able to power on the TV via the “Wake on Lan” function. Under “Expert Settings” I’m able to control the volume with Roomie, so I know the app is talking with the TV.

The TV is connected to a TiVo, Roku, and Kodi Media PC (HDMI1,HDMI2, & HDMI3 respectively).

From Roomie, when I select INPUT HDMI1, INPUT HDMI1, or INPUT HDMI 3, nothing happens. When I select INPUT HDMI, or SOURCE, I move from one source to the next. So far, I’m unable to get to a desire input source with a single command.

When using the SmartThings app, I’m able to see and select the respective INPUT. As this uses Bluetooth to connect to my TV, it’s not a solution imho.

I have a iTach IP2IR device in anther room and can augment this room with one if necessary, however I would prefer to use IP commands if possible.

For a “SmartTV”, I would have thought that this functionality was available. I did notice some posts from 2012, but was hoping that the technology would support a more elegant solution over the past 8+ years.

Suggestions appreciated!

Thanks in Advance…

QN55 is not a complete model number so I can’t be sure what you have. But at a high level, Samsung definitively differentiates control features across their lines and model years. Not providing explicit input selection certainly was one such thing observed in past years. For many model years, most models of Samsung do now support direct input selection via IP control.

As an aside, we do also support control of Samsung TVs via our Smartthings integration. You can therefore possibly use the same technique that worked for you from within Roomie. There are numerous ways to control Samsung TVs depending on the year/model/etc. Serial is a very good one if your model supports it.

Depending on the full model, one thing we often see is feature stripping at the low end of the market. Samsung commonly strips useful control features from units sold at CostCo for instance.

My Samsung TV model numbers is QN55Q6DTAFXZA. We purchased it last year at Costco. Until you message, I was not aware that TV purchased @ Costco were different…

I’ve tried working with “SmartThings”, but found it was not complete. For Example:

Selecting the “Watch TiVo” activity for the room with the Samsung, I choose “SmartThings My home” as a device, and have the following command available. .DOOR LOCK, .DOOR UNLOCK, .LIGHT BRITNESS, .LIGHT OFF, .LIGHT ON, .SONOS SPEAK, +WAKE ON LAN…

Nothing TV related. Hmmm

I’ll dig around for documentation.

After pulling out most of what remains of my hair, I’ve discovered the same thing with my new Samsung QN77S90CAFXZA, Input selection does nothing, and the generic HDMI command just moves to the next input. Really difficult to reliably restore states when starting/stopping and activity. This is one of the top-rated sets in '23 and I find it hard to believe it doesn’t implement discrete input switching…?

The SmartThings support was re-implemented in the new 8.5 release. There is now a .INPUT SET command that can be used for Samsung TVs. Make sure your Samsung TV is already setup properly within the SmartThings app and then setup SmartThings in Roomie. You should then be able to use that .INPUT SET command to change inputs. The HDMI inputs are named “HDMI2”, etc. It remains random to me why some Samsung TVs can change inputs using the normal control protocol and some cannot. I have a 2023 Frame model here that works just fine, but for a few years as per this thread, some random models get released that don’t change inputs. Now our new SmartThings support should work well for such cases. You could also use that for power control. Send the .SWITCH OFF command to the TV to power it off for example.