Samsung Smart TV - Select HDMI Input

I have a 2012 model Samsung TV, however I can’t get it to switch HDMI source automatically. The “INPUT HDMI X” commands do nothing. In fact the only “INPUT” commands that seem to work are “INPUT TV” and “INPUT SCROLL”.

I’ve managed to hack it to get to HDMI2 by running “INPUT TV”, “INPUT SCROLL”, “CURSOR DOWN”, “CURSOR ENTER” but it’s pretty messy and will break if anything changes.

Anyone else have a Samsung TV that has a better solution?

On some models INPUT HDMI goes to HDMI 1. In that scenario you could use INPUT HDMI then INPUT SCROLL the number of times required to get to the right input.

Explicit input selection is something Samsung just doesn’t handle well via IP. Both serial Samsung EX-Link and IR allow explicit selection by input without introducing multiple commands.

The receiver is plugged into HDMI 2 at the moment, but If “INPUT HDMI” works for HDMI 1 then I might just plug the receiver into that.

Otherwise, I’ve ordered the Wi-Fi to Infrared Adapter anyway. I’ll try using IR commands.

Are you trying to switch inputs following a power on to the TV? I had the same problem and had to add a huge pause between power on and selecting an input. Works great now

No, I can’t even turn on the TV with Roomie until I get the wifi to infrared transmitter.

How did you get on with this, I like roomie thus far (new user) although the ip control of the Samsung is poor.

Shame Samsung haven’t allowed WOL. Telling my tv to turn on is not really what I want.

I have also ordered an ir system, as, like you struggled with changing the input and turning the tv on.

Do these features work for you now with the IR pack?

I have a similar problem. The only HDMI input that works with my 2001 Smart TV is “Input HDMI”. I did find that if you hit that one multiple times it switches to the next HDMI input each time so I configured a “SOURCE” button and just hit it multiple times to scroll through the HDMI inputs until I get to the one I want. Not perfect but it is a good work around.