Samsung SmartTV keyboard support does not work with apps?

Hi. I’m trying to use Roomie as a keyboard with my 2 UE22ES5400 TVs. One of the biggest benefits of Roomie is to provide a full keyboard, but this doesn’t seem to work with either the Spotify or Netflix apps. Is this a fundamental limitation of the TV or can we hope for Roomie to support such apps in future?

Like any operating system, each app is independent on a Samsung TV and may not even be written by Samsung in many cases. Functionality therefore can vary between apps and while Roomie’s Samsung TV keyboard support works with most apps, some apps may not implement keyboard support properly.

So unfortunately that sounds like we are unlikely to get keyboard support in those apps. It’s a shame because searching for music/movies/TV shows is probably one of the main uses. It would be good if you could verify it really is the fault of the apps and/or there is not some simple change that could be made to Roomie to make it compatible. It is not like these are minority interest services!