Samsung TV 2013 models

Have you plan to support IP on samsung TV 2013 ?


the command set seems to contain new commands

IP interface respond to icpm ping packets even if TV is powered off

switching inputs from old command set doesn’t work anymore ( if I send HDMI the TV change image mode to stadium)


tested with
Samsung UE55F7000


If they respond to ICMP when off, that’s a good sign. Have you tried issuing a +WAKE ON LAN command to the MAC address of the unit while it is off? Also, if you send commands to it from Roomie while off, do they appear in red or blue in Roomie using the Test Remote feature?

Input changes have rarely worked for explicit inputs on Samsung TVs via IP. Samsung’s app has never worked for that either. The best choice via IP is usually INPUT SCROLL. Both serial and IR methods control explicit input changes (eg. HDMI 1, 2, 3, 4).

Thank you.

Just for your information the Samsung 2013 model Ue…F8000 work with ip wake on lan! ! I do it with roomie.

It’s an option on the menu that you can activate or not. Not so complicate to find out as on the UE…Es8000 model

Is it safe to assume that any 2013 samsung “smart TV” will work with basic roomie commands? They are starting to be clearanced and I’m in the market for a UN40EH5300F or UN32EH5300F as a secondary TV in my home theater. Can anyone confirm if either of these models works (or should work) with basic commands? Thanks!

By “basic Roomie commands”, you mean everything other than power control? Then yes. The only issue generally with Samsung TV IP control is that they have no ability to power on via IP.

Thank you.

What is the option in the menu that needs to be turned on? I don’t see anything in the regular Samsung menu that relates to WOL. TV is UN55F8000.

I know this is an old thread, but figured this would be the best place to ask rather than to start a new one. Am I correct in saying that there’s really no way to turn on Samsung 2013 TVs via IP? I know in the compatibility list it says that they can be turned on via HDMI-CEC but when investigating bluray players, it seems that none of those players can be turned on over IP either… so you really can’t use them as a full IP-based solution.