Samsung TV - 2017 IP Power Control / HDMI Input Control

I have several older Samsung TV’s that I control with the Global Cache devices via EX-Link serial control that work very reliably. I was excited to see that the newer Samsung TV’s 2017 models support power control via IP and purchased a Samsung UN49MU7000 however it seems that Simple Control Version 5 only supports power toggle mode when powering the device on. Is there not a discrete power control on the device as like there is with the EX-Link connection. Also, it also seems via IP control there is no way to select the HDMI input as with the EX-Link connection. Is this something that may be resolved in the future, or a limitation with IP control of the device?



Most televisions of all brands do not have a direct POWER ON command. They are usually +WAKE ON LAN models.

In the case of modern Samsung TVs, they are usually +WAKE ON LAN models. They are turned on by following the KB article on that:

Samsung 2017 IP does have a SOURCE command to switch inputs. Commands for discrete inputs have not been discovered as yet, but it’s certainly possible that could change at any time.