Samsung tv wifi control

i have a samsung smart tv wifi capable and a denon avr1912 receiver. the problem i am having is controlling the samsung tv wirelessly. I was able to discover the tv and have the remote appear on the app. When i try to use the remote to power on power off the tv or any function i get no response. Denon remote works great only thing is i wish it would load the actual denon remote instead of the virtual one for ease of navigation. Is this possible?

For the Samsung, did you approve the on-screen questions about whether to allow remote control? When you begin to use a new remote with a Samsung TV, the TV will ask you if you want to allow it. You can review which remotes are allowed in the TV menus.

For the Denon, if you mean you’d like to see an Original Remote with an image of the Denon remote, we don’t include that mostly because those remotes are generally a nightmare that is made orders of magnitude more usable for iOS user interface like the popover for inputs, etc. When combined with the new receiver feedback like insertion of Album Art, an Original Remote just isn’t very usable for most receivers.

i did go into the on screen menu and allow remote access and it shows that it is synced with my ipad

What’s the exact model? Have you checked it against this list:

I have the pn51e550 which im not seeing in your list. There is a samsung app that i found that does work with the tv. Is there any way to incorporate this particular tv model into the roomie system or would my only option be to go with the ir adapter. I plan on getting the ir adapter already to control my lus cable box which is not an ip box. The problem i foresee with the tv is that it is around 25 ft away from where my automation closet is and i could not find the lengths of the ir cables in the specs for the product.

Even if you did have a compatible model, remember that Samsung TVs do not turn on via IP. So the real benefit for IP control there is in things like keyboard control. The gold standard for controlling Samsung TVs is infrared.

The length of the default cables is about 6’. The solution for the situation you describe is generally to use the blaster which can handle that distance, or to use an emitter extension cable such as these: … TF8&node=9

thanks for all the help and quick responses,