Samsung WOL

I have one of the new 2016 Samsung TVs (KS7000) which supposedly has the proper Wake On Lan (WOL) facility.

Using the Power toggle button I can turn the TV on/off (standby) but if I turn it off (standby) for a while the power toggle button no longer works. I guess it waits then goes into a deeper ‘sleep’. The +wakeonlan button doesn’t work but the TV is only on wifi, do I need it hard wired for the WOL to work and turn it back on?

No idea if your model has Wake on LAN. We have tested the 9XXX models successfully. The +WAKE ON LAN command requires a parameter of the MAC Address of the interface you’re trying to wake. If that’s Ethernet, use the Ethernet MAC. If that’s Wi-Fi, use the Wi-Fi MAC.

Thank you.

I can confirm WOL does work over WiFi you just have to manually enter the MAC address in, the wording could be better on the instruction next to where you enter the code though.

Confirmed working on KS8000. On last year’s model there was a Power Off command; is it gone on the 2016 line?