Screen Dim

It’s good to have the auto-lock option, but it really also needs a screen dim option whereby the screen will turn off (but not lock) after a configurable amount of time. Then just tapping will bring the screen back. It will conserve power as well as prevent a bright screen being annoying during a movie.

So I see the addition of this option in 1.6, however, it only dims to a certain level. I’d like it to go all the way to ‘off’, but I could then just tap the screen to bring it back. Even better would be to have it use the tilt sensor and for the screen to come back on when the device is picked up.

We’re not “faking it” like most older apps might for instance if they offer any control over brightness. You’ve probably seen a lot of alarm clock style apps fake it over the years where they just take a shaded panel and apply it to the screen which changes nothing and the screen still looks bright.

In iOS 5, Apple introduced real brightness control over the screen which is what we’re using. There is some minor variation in older devices, but current devices do go to 0. How are you defining off and are you using something like a 3GS?


My device is an original iPad and the dimming effect is a bit less than half way. I have iOS 5.0 installed.
Is there anything I can do to get it to 0?


My device is an iPhone 5 running 6.0.1 and the dim feature just cuts brightness some, it does not get it anywhere near a black screen. Same whether my device auto brightness is set to on or off. Please let me know if there is any more info I can provide to help. Thanks

I like to see a feature added so you could turn the light sensor on the iPhone on so when phone is laid facedown on the table the screen goes to sleep to save battery power and then when you pick it up it wakes backup Instantly.


I use my old iPhones as dedicated remotes in each room.

1)I have guided access turned on so that Roomie is the only app that’s accessable

2)auto-lock is set to never

3)auto-dim is set to never

Add) Light sensor for screen on off or shake to wake

of course I could have it auto lock and dim. But I want screen to light back up and be ready when I pick it up so I don’t have to tap the screen or unlock the phone. It’d allow it works more like my URC and RTI remotes That have shake to wake.

+1 for this!