Search in HEOS

There seems to be No way to search in the HEOS media guide. This makes it pretty useless. For example under amazon music in HEOS there isn’t even the normal artist/album/song selections.

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I use HEOS throughout the house. Also use Amazon Music Unlimited. I have had similar challenges with HEOS in Roomie. Though I am not sure it is a Roomie issue. I think the HEOS API leaves a lot to be desired. Even the HEOS app itself is pretty useless with Amazon Music. So maybe that points to a limitation on the Amazon Music side. I can’t even play my own playlists through the HEOS app - only the Amazon curated ones. For HEOS and Amazon Music the best solution I have found it either Alexa for casual listening, or the Amazon Music app on iOS for more critical listening sessions. The Amazon Music app on an iPad offers a really nice experience with HEOS. The only missing feature is you can’t do queues. Though I think I have a work-around for this that I am going to try.

Thanks for confirming. I agree it must be an API limitation but it makes the guide of limited value since you can’t search