Security Cameras

New to Roomie, was wondering if there will ever be integration for Security camera viewing and control added to Roomie, is it possible?

I’d be very interested in this too…

Most IP cameras expose a URL to retrieve a static JPG snapshot (which could be refreshed), and most also expose a URL that returns a MJPEG stream (which would be much better for Roomie to display rather than a series of updated screenshots).

I’m very happy to help beta test such functionality, or supply the guys at Roomie access to an example Axis IP camera to develop against?



I just purchased Roomie and would also be VERy interested to have IP camera support within roomie…

+1 for me.

+1 for me too!

+1 for me too.

+1. I know you’re mostly audio/video control at the moment, but you’ve opened the door to home automation with drapes and lights. Most people who do this stuff have security cameras too! Wouldn’t it be great to watch a movie while the kids are asleep and press a little button in Roomie to check on them without leaving the app?

Cameras would be awesome. Short of full integration, how about when you add a device with a manual IP address being able to select a device called “Browser Window” which would just be a safari window opened onto the IP address and port (would also want to be able to pre-enter user name and PW)? For most cameras this would be an okay hack in the meantime, and indeed for all kinds of unsupported devices would be at least a way to modestly integrate them into roomie.

We would really love this too. One of the issues here is that cameras speak lots of different languages. For instance Logitech Alert cameras only speak RTSP. Meanwhile, many of the dedicated IP cameras only speak MJPEG. And so on. Lots of different paths here, and 90% of the work is that protocol.

So actually it would be helpful if posters in this thread would identify precisely what they want to control.

To the previous poster, opening a URL as part of opening an Activity is already a feature. If the built-in Safari can display an image from your camera, you can create a URL command today in your Start Commands list for an Activity to display that.

Thanks. That worked great as my camera (as do many I think) has a built in web server. For other folks trying it, if your camera requires a username and password, try using to provide them. If that doesn’t work, you might also try just turning off security on your camera while playing around. Note that my local cameras all use port 80. However If you are on a different port (for example portmapped through a firewall in your apartment in Paris), you will want So far this has worked with my ChannelVision camera (which is local) and my cisco WVC210 (which isn’t local though, alas, not in Paris either!).

Roomie Folks: One thing that would be easy and nice in the interim would be adding a camera icon for activities. (and while you’re at it could you add a few more room icons? I need a wine glass for my bar :slight_smile:

By the way both my ChannelVision and my Cisco camera support MJPEG and RTSP.

If/when you you needed a beta tester for camera stuff let me know, but for now I’m pretty happy.




I’m very happy to see you have opened your eyes on the bigger picture regarding your amazing app! You were exclusivley focused on home theatre, yet the quality of this app lends itself to a much larger controller. The updates keep me on my toes and excite me to the possibilities for the future. With more control, Roomie Remote could take over the world!! MMuuuhahahaha

I have a D-Link DCS-7010L. It speaks MJPEG, .H264, etc.

Refer to this link if you need info on setting up your cameras that speak RTSP.

RTSP link look interesting but instructions to set up RTSP speaking camera in Roomie aren’t obvious. I found my camera’s RTSP URL (though not exactly sure how to interpret the format) but then not sure what to do with it in Roomie.

This thread covers the multiple ways to add that to Roomie:


Forum search on the website is somewhat broken right now so it is harder than it should be to find that thread. The forum search should be fixed this week.

Thank you.