Security Panel Integration

would love to see roomie support security panels. Here is a list of popular security panels and how they could be integrated:

HAI/Leviton - IP control - popular among home automation enthusiasts.

Elk M1 - IP Control - also very popular among ha enthusiasts.

Honeywell Vista series - rs232 - probably the most popular panel out considering ADT installs a version of this panel most of the time.

GE concord - IP Control

Would like to know if anyone else would like this. Being able to arm and disarm my security system from roomie via an activity would be great.

What is the IP control for GE Concord? I’ve seen serial for that, but not IP.

Anything with serial can be added via the DDK:
We’re generally able to help with adding custom devices in support. Working with a user that has the real device installed is critical to make sure it works before we deploy it.



would love to see HAI integration, and NUVO Grand Concerto

any word on adding a security system?