Selecting a dedicated iPad and a Thank you to Will

I am very new to Roomie so please pardon my entry level questions.

I have everything setup and working and I’m exceptionally happy with the results.

I will be purchasing a iPad to use as a dedicated remote and would like to ask if anyone is using the entry level 32GB version. If so do you have any regrets doing so? I will likely purchase new since it seems used one bring enough that it’s not really worth it.

Also I would like to thank Will for bringing us a superb piece of software for use as an option to the other extremely expensive or much less capable items. Posting a poll to ask what others may want as future improvements also indicates dedication to giving his customer base what they want most.

Thanks everyone -

I do not see why that would be an issue for Roomie. If you also want to do lots of other things then you might consider more storage. For a dedicated device I like the IPad mini, but since I already have an Ipad pro and an IPad used for other thing I don’t want to add a dedicated device.