Selling home, how to leave RR working for buyer?

Hello, hoping someone from the community or Roomie can provide some guidance.

We have been using RR through all it’s different versions since 2015 to control our cinema room. Unfortunately, we are selling our house and moving country. I’d like to leave the buyer with a working Roomie Remote, but cannot figure out how to do so as RR won’t work when I sign-out of the cinema iPad. What is the best way to handover to new homeowner? I will already be moved by the time they move in. I don’t mind telling them they have to sign-up to Roomie.

The right way to do this is to provide them a backup of your configuration.

They then install Roomie at latest version, subscribe, and restore the backup you sent. They may need additional instructions depending on your config like establishing a Primary. Also, if you are leaving the iPad itself, make sure to sign out of your Apple ID and have them sign in as their Apple ID. Finally, make sure that any IP Addresses of devices that you have reserved will be maintained in the new owner’s world. For instance, if you’re using a router and leaving it behind, that should still be the case. If the new owner puts in a new router without address reservations, they would need to update your configuration with the appropriate addresses and reserve them.

I just did as Will suggested for my home’s buyer…
Instead, however, I used the device replace feature in the setup panel after I told them to scan for and add those devices in the network in “add device”.

My buyer was a complete neophyte and didn’t even know what an IP address was or looked like…
After this, I had to walk them through reserving those addresses in their new router which is now very easy on most newer routers.


Although l don’t plan to sell my house now, but assuming some day l will, in anticipation l always maintained one iPAD on the wall powered 24/7 set as primary and use instant home share…also Apple ID is not my personal Apple ID a dedicated account…l use modem and a separate wired router with Wi-Fi access points, so all that the new buyer has to do is change modem if he goes for a new ISP or just continue with the current ISP and pay monthly changes. All IP address are allocated by the wired router.