Send commands to simple control from indigo

Simple control has a huge amount of supported devices but indigo is awesome for home automation. I know I can control Indigo devices and actions from simple control but can I go the other way around? Activate commands in simple remote from indigo actions? Simple hub is running all the time so it should be possible no?
This would solve a lot of home automation issues for me.

The HTTP Command Interface document here shows how to execute Activities from external systems: … up-guides/

Thank you.

That’s awesome. Sorry I missed that.
Does this require Simple Home to be running on any devices or is it sending commands through the Simple Hub software directly?

Simple Hub is independent of any app, unless you choose to run it on iOS as part of a dedicated iPhone/iPad of course. But excepting the device you’re running Simple Hub on, it has no relation to your other iOS devices. Issuing a command per that document to Simple Hub causes commands to execute directly from Simple Hub.

Thank you.

Hi All, been using SimpleControl with ISY for over a year now, but am just in the process of moving from ISY to Indigo Domotics. I did a post on the Indigo forum for how to call SImpleControl activities from Indigo Domo, here is the link:

Let me know if you have any questions/comments.