Send Notification

I must be missing something, but how does the new command that you added in v7.3 “Send Notification” work?


Just add the command. Make sure “Enable Intercomm” is turned on.

Note that if you are currently running the specific instance of the app from which a notification is sent, you obviously won’t see anything as is always the case with notifications.

Then what use is the command? There is no guidance on this command anywhere.

That’s like saying Apple should provide instructions to every app developer on what products to develop on their platform. It’s up to you. There are countless things you can do with the full-blown notification system.

  • When my Lutron shades go down 50% via a Roomie Automation at 3pm, all parties and devices receive a notification.
  • Same at 5pm when they close to 0%.
  • I tie Roomie into my alarm system and thus receive notifications based on that as well.

The list is really endless, whatever you want to get a notification about. It may be based on an Automation, it might just be a notification that the Playroom TV has been Activated (eg. the kids are watching TV). Usually something like this happens on your Primary Controller because it’s part of an Automation, so obviously there’s no conflict with your iPhone.

Yet another thing we can do but HomeKit cannot.

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Not the OP, but helpful answer. More of this kind of “feature intent” content would be appreciated.

Thanks for the feedback the intent sounds great. The problem is the words I put in as a notification don’t end up anywhere. I don’t actually see a notification. This is the guidance I’m speaking of - the nitty gritty detail :grinning:

That’s not a forum topic, you’re just asking for diagnosis. Essentially that is going to be what’s already covered in this thread’s post 2, but needs the tools of support to diagnose.