Sensor and IR

I have a cable box that doesn’t have IR discrete codes for Power and it is not listed in your supported devices. I am sure I can build a plist file for it using the pronto codes I already have. But as I have the gc-100 with a video sensor, I want to know if Roomie could get the sensor feedback from the GC-100 and use this information to send the IR toggle command. This way Roomie could know when to send the Power toggle command. If it is possible, just inform how to edit the plist file to achieve this goal.

I too would like to know if the sensor input can be used. The GC-SV1 is the most reliable way to determine if the power is on/off for most cable boxes. Neither Motorolla, SA, or Cisco STBs support discrete power. I’m having issues with the box getting out of sync.

It’s not something that is currently available, but I have put in a feature request here, should you wish to help bump it up. I believe there is a lot of potential for the use of sensors, so the more support the better.