Serial control for Sony TA-E9000ES

I am not able to control my Sony TA-E9000ES receiver via RS232 on my GC-100. I have another Sony receiver STR-DA7ES and I am able to control it fine. Both are Sony ES receivers listed as compatible.


The TA-9000ES looks like something from 2002 or before. We wouldn’t be surprised if it’s expecting something different per the note at the bottom of the compatibility page things over 10 years old or so we don’t try to track further back than that. Brief searching for that model online indicates the RS232 port only allows firmware updates.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Your product support is top notch.

I was curious about the TA-E9000ES because the RS232 port on both of these Sony models (STR-DA7ES & TA-E9000ES) is designed for software updates. However, I am able to control the STR-DA7ES with the serial port and I assumed the TA-E9000ES had the same capability. Any possibility of adding serial control of this receiver in the future? It is old, but it is one of the best preamps Sony has ever produced.

BTW your IR codes for Sony TAE receivers do not work with the TA-E9000ES either.

Thanks again. Roomie Remote (along with a Global Cache controller) is the product I have always been searching for. Nice job.

If you have tried the Sony “Binary Serial Protocol” command set, that is the old set. If that doesn’t work, we would say that model just does not support serial control.