Serial Control for Sony VPL-HW30ES

Does anyone know if the serial driver for the VPL-VW1000ES will work with the VPL-HW30ES? I am switching from C4 to roomie in my theater room and cable I had pulled to the projector for IR control is broken. I was using Control4 over serial to the projector. Thanks.


I upgraded to an HW30ES a few days ago. I plan to write the device for it if it truly doesn’t exist already.

I have been away from Roomie support forums for a while because everything worked.

I did write a file for the VW60 that I previously had and all buttons worked but you had to wait a while between commands… I guess something had to time out on the VW60 end… I don’t think the commands were terminated correctly.

Anyways, the RS232 protocol manual is available for the HW30ES and I need to use my existing wifi2rs232 hardware.

I will start with just on and off… actually I think off still works from my VW60 profile. On and off is all I use… I use the actual pj remote for anything else… but, if it goes well, I will try to program the rest for the hell of it and also so Roomie can add it to comparable.

Should share the same profile with other pjs like HW15, HW50, HW55 and maybe VW90 and VW95…



Looking through the protocol manual available here… … set-280049

Doesn’t seem like they changed anything from the VW60 which I was able to write codes for. The VW100 also shared those codes… So, I don’t know why it just didn’t work from the start… I believe the Off command does already work but it may be turning itself off for some other reason like HDMI control but I did try to turn that off already.

We made a ton of improvements and changes to various Sony projector command sets in the December timeframe. We’d recommend trying the internal sets before resorting to custom devices. As these are generally supported devices, you could also contact support if you need a particular command that’s missing or something needs to be corrected.

Thank you.

So,… Are you saying they are supported via RS232?..

I know they work 100% with IR but I don’t use any IR control.

Anyways, I have always used RS232 with my VW60 and looking through the protocol book above they haven’t changed the commands.

I think all “I” need to do is turn off the standby “low” setting on my HW30. Because “off” was already working but you can’t turn it “on” remotely when the standby is in it’s more conservative setting.


There are two basic sets of codes for Sony Projectors. Our labels for them when you add devices are the VPL-VW100 and the VPL-VW1000ES IP. However, those sets work with many other models so it is worth trying those first. Sony rarely/never changes the actual codes. At most they add an input or a color temperature or iris command for a specific model.

Thank you.

Confirmed the codes work with my HW30ES.

I did have to change the standby option from “low” to “standard” or something like that. If it’s set to it’s most power conservative setting it won’t power on via RS232.