Setup Cameras

How do you enter RSTP Camera feeds?

Do you add device through manual IP entry? or are only those two logitech cameras supported.


There are two ways to add RTSP cameras. The simple way is to just add a URL Opens in Roomie command to an Activity. This requires an RTSP URL like:


You may need to look on the web for what URL your camera needs.

The other way and the way that allows adding it to Virtual Remotes as depicted in some of the screenshots on the site is to create a custom command set that looks almost identical to the enclosed file. You would just customize this for your particular URL and camera brand/category.

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If your camera does not do rtsp which there are a LOT of them you can also do URLs like this:


If the URL for my Vivotek cameras is like this - /cgi-bin/viewer/video.jpg - how would I set them up in roomie? Thanks for the help!

The support we added in 1.9 is just for RTSP capable cameras. For instance here is a site that lists tons of camera RTSP URLs:

Some cameras don’t support RTSP. Anything that ends in “.jpg” is not RTSP. That’s most likely a different standard called Motion JPEG. In some cases you may find that using “Opens URL in Roomie” may allow those to work, but that’s all based on the iOS Safari implementation and will be identical to whether it works there in general.

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Thank you very much! The Vivotek cameras I have are listed as having a RTSP URL so i’ll try that as soon as I get home!

If we modify the custom .plist for our camera then what do we do to integrate that with Roomie? Do you have a link that you could post here?

The last section of the DDK provides steps for loading that into Roomie:

Thank you.

Here is another site with a really detailed list of ip-camera manufacturers along with the RTSP URL listings… Seems to have even more companies and camera models then the other sites listed… Hope this helps someone else too.