Setup question

I have added my equipment into the roomie and also setup my activiteis like watch TiVo and watch bluray. When I activate the watch TiVo, it turns on the necessary equipment and there is no problem there. My question is that, is there any way possible that if I want to switch my activity from lets say watch TiVo which is on right now, to watch bluray without pushing the system off button first and go directly to the watch bluray activity button, like the harmony remotes. In harmony if I do that, it already knows that which equipments are on which are needed for the next ativity and leaves them on and turns on the ones that need to be on and turns off the ones that are no longer needed. I did push the next activity button on roomie like watch bluray but it turned all my equipments off instead of leaving the ones that are needed for the bluray activity, on. Is there any way to set it up like that or it does not work like that in roomie.

On a per-activity basis, Roomie has the “Power Device” setting allowing you to specify that a particular device should be turned on and off based on whether that activity is current. As a given Activity would not normally have any more than one “special” device needing power, that generally takes care of it. There are a few other tricks for more complex scenarios, and the right solutions will also often depend on exactly what device and model is being used.

I actualy don’t understand the function of that “Power Device” setting exactly. Could you tell me what the exact function for that is?
In my senario, when I have the watch TiVo activity on, my pioneer tv is on, my pioneer av reciever is also on and the input for that is on hdmi 1 and of course the TiVo is also on. When I push the watch bluray activity button, I am expecting the roomie to leave my tv on, leave my reciever on but change the input to BD input and turn my pioneer bluray on which was not used in the previous activity. Instead of doing that, it turns my tv off, turns my reciever off and turns my bluray player on which is not right.

Those all have discrete power commands (Pioneer TV and Pioneer AVR), so the only way those would be incorrectly powered is due to misconfiguration. It sounds like something is set as a Power Device that shouldn’t be. The only device in that list that might ever be a Power Device is your Blu-ray Player depending on the brand/model which isn’t listed. Make sure all the Power Devices are set to None in your Activities and make sure you didn’t manually add any power commands anywhere. Your TV and receiver are then automatically managed simply by setting “Power for all Activities” on their device and they’ll turn on/off at the right times. We’ll need to see your configuration at email support if there are any further issues.

By saying not to manually add any power commands, are you saying that I should not even add power off command for that device also? because I have set power for all activities for my reciever but not my tv and manually added the power off command for each one of them. The reason I did not set power for all Activities for my tv is that I will have some activity like listen to internet radio that I would not need my tv to turn on. I also set the power device for them to none. Is this setting correct?

It gets pretty hard to follow a 4+ device configuration in a thread like this. We’d be happy to help further in support.

As a generalized response specifically on the question of an Activity that doesn’t use the TV, a good way to handle that is to turn off the Automatic Commands switch specifically for that Activity and then just have it do whatever you like.