Share Lumagen VP plist file?

Since there is no official support for Lumagen VP, and I think there is a user her (john Macklin) that actually try creating one already, can I ask John to share here? (or better yet, roomie add this to your list of support??). I check the compatibility list and this is probably the only one that is missing (and probably the most important one as all my input goes to it), so without control of that, I cannot use Roomie.

Here’s my first attempt at using Dropbox to share files.

This link should take you to a .plist with a Lumagen VP in it. I’ve used it with an XE and a Mini3D but I’m only really using ‘Power On’ and ‘Power Off’. Please note that the file requires that ‘delimiters’ are set to ‘on’ in your Lumagen. You will have to remember to switch them off if you’re using auto-cal with ChromaPure.




We’ll add that set as well to the next library update, thank you.