Sharp LC-60LE640U LCD TV

I have been unable to access this model Sharp TV to my Roomie. Is it IP compatiable? If so, I can’t weem to get it to work. I enabled IP control on the TV and set the port to 10002. I also set a static IP address for the TV. I then created a new device with a manual IP (using the TV’s static IP) and selected the Sharp TV (All models) remote. I inputed the username and password I set up on the Sharp. I can’t communicate. Not sure what is meant by the following notes contained on your website for sharp tv’s IP compatibility:
Full IP Control
Power On/Off work via IP
Send “POWER COMMANDS IP” command to enable

While not on our supported list yet, we think it’s likely to work. Check to make sure the model hasn’t changed the port from 10002. That would be in the TV menus.

You can also try to telnet from a desktop if you’re comfortable with that. At a command line, enter “telnet ip port” where IP is the IP of the TV and port is 10002. It should say connected if the TV is properly configured. If the TV is not properly configured it will fail immediately.

The POWER COMMANDS IP reference is something you’ll need to do after you get it basically working. Send that before a power off to instruct the set to keep the network listener alive while turned off.

I have the same TV (Costco 6400 version), and I am unable to get Roomie to work. I am able to successfully telnet in. I have tried both with username/password and without. When I telnet in, I am unsure of how to enter the username and password combo, so I am currently trying without a username. I am able to successfully manipulate the TV via telnet with commands such as "MUTE0 " and "MUTE1 ". Note the 3 spaces after the command.

We’d suggest making sure a proper username and password are set and then making sure those match what you enter for the device in Roomie.

I tried inputting a username and password again, and it worked. I don’t know what I did wrong the first time… Thanks.