Sharp LC-65SE94U + Blaster

I have a 4-year old 65" Sharp LCD television. Although it has an ethernet jack, i am sure that it is not ip controllable. I have been trying to control it with an iTach WF2IR.

The device is set up as ALL SHARP TV’s using IR. There are no repeaters involved. Just the iTach blaster about 12 feet from the TV.

I only have a 1-in-3 chance of turning the TV on and off with the iTach. I’ve tried using the repeat codes command, and the slow-down command.

No luck. It is very hit or miss. Does anyone have any ideas how to RELIABLY control this device?

My Sharp Remote works 100% of the time incidently.

I have increased the reliability factor of controlling my Sharp by moving the blaster of the iTach. It is more directional that what I would have imagined. I was only 30-degrees off axis but that was enough to make control of the Sharp somewhat flakey. The Sharp remote has no problems controlling the TV even when it was WAY more off-axis. It’s the iTach blaster that is quite directional.

I may replace the iTach blaster with another unit and see if that helps.


When you did initial setup of the itach did you make sure the blaster port was set up as “blaster”. I have several of the units and they did not all default to “blaster” on port 3. Just a thought.

I have the same TV. I’ve been pretty successful using the regular emitter affixed to the sensor port. I’m sure there’s a reason you’re using the blaster, but the emitters work if all else fails