Sharp LC60C6400U & DirectTV H Series

When you open Add Device, what do you see as the addresses of the DirecTV device? Then, when you look on the Sharp TV menu for the IP Address, what does that say? Finally, what is the Wi-Fi IP Address of your iOS device? It sounds like there is some kind of proxying going on in your router between your wireless and wired network and looking at those 3 addresses should prove or disprove that. Assuming that’s the case, you’d need to turn that off.

Thanks Roomie. All three of my devices are on the same subnet, 192.168.0.n. SharpTV, DirecTV, and iPhone is So it doesn’t appear to be a proxy on the ActionTec modem. I believe the cable modem is acting as a repeater between Wi-Fi and Ethernet rather than as a router. Do you have any other thoughts about what to try?

We would suggest emailing your configuration to support so that they can take a look at it.