Sharp LC80LE844U login/password?

Does anyone know how to configure the login and password for this TV? I’ve looked everywhere in the menu and can’t find anything for either, and it appears to be a requirement to have full IP control within roomie. Thanks in advance for your help.

I agree with the above… I need this info ASAP… no area where you have a login and password.

This is the manual for the LE844: … LE844U.pdf

The username/password fields are covered on page 64.

Thank you.

If it’s anything like the other Sharps, no login/password is needed. They have one there, but no need to use it. Instead, just use the IP address and Port 10002. I’m not sure why the IP Compatability section of Roomie says “Must choose a username/password on the TV settings”, but that has not been my experience at all. I have 8 Sharps (at various customers’ houses) all working flawlessly with no UserID or Password; just static IP addresses.