Sharp tv ip problem

I have a Sharp TV (LC-60LE832U) that is controlled by IP on/off perfectly with my Vera. I just started with roomie remote and everything works great except the Sharp TV. It wont turn on or off. That is all I need by the way. IP address/port is correct. IP control is on.

For Vera to turn on: I send a IP control on command, delay, then TV on.

For Vera to turn off: I send TV off.

I have tried many different combinations with roomie but nothing works. Can someone help? Thanks.

The command you need in Roomie is called POWER COMMANDS IP, referred to on the IP Compatibility list here:

A best practice for that is basically to include that command in your System Off Activity so that the TV is reminded on a regular basis that it should continue to enable power control via IP.

Thank you.

Roomie, thanks for that best practice tip. I have had issues with a few of my customers losing control of their Sharps after a while. I could never quite figure out why it would work so well when I was there, but then I’d get a call a few months later that the TV was not being controlled anymore. That makes perfect sense (well, ok, it makes no sense at all!) that the Sharp would forget that it was set to enable IP control.

I suggest putting that best practice tip in the Supported IP Controllable Devices section.